Fine arts club of Alphonsa College provides an opportunity to the students to let their imagination run wild and provides them with the sight to see things in a different way. Students learn from one another and share their prowess in different aspects of art. The college provides ample opportunities to develop talents in different forms of art like music, singing, dance, drama etc. In addition to the activities of the Fine Arts Association, students are encouraged to take part in competitions held outside the campus.


  1. The main objective of Fine Arts Club is to encourage the students in various arts activities.
  2. To improve the imagination skill in Entertainment.
  3. To help the students develop their leadership abilities.

Club Structure

List of activities:


Important Events:


Clubs Functioning in the Institute Premises

For the all round development of the students, the institute provides a host of various students activities. These activities range from sports, personal-hobbies to technical interests. The students are encouraged to become the member of these bodies to help broaden their skills and horizons. These student bodies not only help the students explore their hidden talent but also help in areas such as personality development and inculcating in the students the spirit of organization by providing them with a platform for hosting their talents Students have their own hobby clubs and societies .The focus of these clubs primarily is to help the students explore their hidden talent in the respective fields -be it art, photography, music, dramatics etc

“ Everything you can imagine is real and everything that you see around would be someone’s imagination.”



Our community and art centres offer a wide variety of arts and cultural activities and programs. Some of the most popular activities are listed below. You can find other arts and cultural activities on individual community or art centre pages. To take a class or join a program, search activities.


Objectives of Cultural Club are as follows:


Participation in cultural activities results in enhancement of the personal skills and experiences like confidence; self-presentation; teamwork and collaboration; time management and organizational skills; self-awareness; self-discipline; open mindedness to move beyond boundaries and experiment with different ideas; communication skills; the ability to cope with criticism and learn from them resulting in a whole new developed, changed and an improved person.


In order to inculcate the idea of uniformity and togetherness in their young hearts, our college has introduced the “CULTURAL CLUB”. Cultural activities not only help students to identify themselves, but also assist them to develop themselves in a desired field and also improve skills such as interpersonal communication, organizational, leadership, presentation, etc. In order to bring out their best talents, various cultural activities are conducted in this club to tailor their talents and interests.