Alphonsa Arts & Science College

Rules and Regulations

Students are hereby instructed to strictly follow the disciplinary rules of the College. One is not expected to plead that one is not aware of the existence of such rules. Ignorance of rules is no excuse for violation. Students are expected to read the notice board on a day to day basis. It is the duty of every student to abide by the rules and regulations of the college and conduct himself/herself with decency and decorum. Violation of the rules will result in disciplinary action against the offenders and imposition of punishment including dismissal.

  • All students admitted to the college shall wear the identification tags duly signed by the principal. All services in the college office and library will be made available to the students only if the students wear the tag.
  • Students should wear full uniform in the campus on days insisted and to wear formal and decent dress on all the other days. Showy cloths, coloured dhotis, T-shirts with colour prints, casual wears and caps are to be avoided. Boys shall not tuck up their dhoti while they are on the campus.
  • The Principal shall have the power to inflict the following punishments upon the offenders: fine, cancellation of attendance, suspension, compulsory issue of T.C and expulsion without the application from the student or guardian.
  • Vehicles of students are not allowed inside the campus. Students are to park their vehicles only in the space provided for parking in the campus. Parking of vehicles in front of the college gate or road side is strictly prohibited.
  • No attendance will be given to the students if they are late in entering the class room or laboratory. Irregular attendance, insubordination to teachers, habitual inattention to classwork and obscenity in word or act are sufficient causes for the permanent or temporary dismissal of a student.
  • Students should not be allowed to enter the examination halls without the production of hall tickets.
  • No students shall leave or enter the classroom/laboratory without the permission of the teacher if the teacher is engaging class/laboratory.
  • Students shall not loiter in veranda or campus while classes are going on. If students have no class to attend during any particular hour/period are expected to be in the reading room/library or to leave the campus if the hour/period happens to be the last hour/period.
  • Students shall not write or paste anything on desks, walls, doors or anywhere else in the college and anyone found guilty of such undesirable activities will be punished in a stringent manner.
  • No organized meeting or programme shall be held on the college premises without the prior permission of the Principal. Use of Bluetooth speakers or other sound system in the campus without the permission of the principal is strictly banned.
  • Students are not allowed to bring outsiders into the college without the prior written permission of the Principal.
  • A student who has any complaint against any other student, teaching staff or non- teaching staff shall represent the same either in writing or orally to the Tutor, HOD, Discipline Committee or to the Principal directly. Such representations can be made by the Parents/ Guardians of the students as well.
  • Conduct Certificate will not be issued as a matter of course. It has to be earned by the students good conduct and behaviour. The decision of the Principal shall be final regarding this matter
  • Smoking and use of intoxicating drinks/ drugs are strictly prohibited in the college campus.

RAGGING: A Serious Criminal Offence

Students shall not indulge in ragging or in any other activities causing harassment or difficulties to the fellow students in the college. Any student involving in ragging will have to face penal proceedings in accordance with the provisions in the Ragging Prohibition Act of the Govt .of Kerala.

Attendance and Leave of Absence

  • Application for leave should always be made in advance in writing or through the college software (Embase) and should specify the period for which leave is sought.
  • Absence from class for any examination including class test/ internal examination without leave will be regarded as serious breach of discipline and will render the student concerned liable to fines and other disciplinary measures.
  • If a student is absent without sanctioned leave more than 15 days continuously his/ her name will be removed from the attendance roll.
  • Students who are participating in the extracurricular activities such as N.S.S, Inter Collegiate Fine Arts, College Club activities and sports competitions will be eligible for grace attendance on the date of the activities only if they produce exemption order in the prescribed form from the teachers authorised to issue such orders in advance before entering into leave in connection with such activities.

Fee Regulations

  • Each instalment of fees if not paid in lump sum shall be paid on the scheduled date as notified on the notice board from time to time.
  • Absence from college with or without leave shall not be an excuse for non-payment of fees on the prescribed dates.
  • No student shall be enrolled during the course of a term unless he/she pay all the instalments of fees, which he/she would have paid had his her name been on the rolls of the college from the beginning of the term.
  • Caution Deposit: The caution deposit will be refunded to the student only after the completion of the course, Caution deposit will be refunded only such days as notified on the notice board. The caution deposit shall be claimed within one year from the date of the completion of course.