Alphonsa Arts & Science College

Profile of Travel and Tourism Management Department

“The Whole World Awaits”

The Department of Travel and Tourism Management was started in the year 2015 with a three-year BA Travel and Tourism Management programme. The department offers regular classes with appropriate internship in various organizations in and outside the district of Wayanad to get first-hand experience and training in Travel and Tourism Sector. The National Study Tour cum Industry Visit conducted every year gives seamless experience to the students to understand the travel geography of the places visited. The young, enthusiastic and qualified teaching faculty of the department is committed to provide high quality education and in inculcating research aptitude among the students. Our Alumni are well placed and most of them became leaders in the Tourism industry in and outside the country.

The department aims to provide awareness about sustainable and responsible tourism initiatives among the students. In addition to inculcating the knowledge, we take efforts to enhance the entrepreneurial skills of the students by conducting various programmes and by sending our students to various programmes outside the campus. Placement assistants are provided every year to the desiring students.

Our Highlights

  • Internship at Airport, Travel agency and Hotel industry.
  • One-month special Certificate Course for GDS (Global Distribution System).
  • Personality Development Sessions.
  • Language and Interpersonal Skill Development Programmes.
  • National level Study Tour cum Industry Visits
  • Add on programmes and Skill based Certificate Programmes
  • Placement Assistance.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • To provide best quality of education and prepare the students to meet global standards and competitive environment.
  • To develop entrepreneurial skills to think strategically and encourage them to become entrepreneurs.
  • To contribute to capacity building for the tourism and hospitality sector
  • To inculcate team spirit and leadership capabilities among students to develop industry leaders attain organizational development.
  • To impart ethical and moral values to create better citizens and society.
  • To estimate the benefits and impacts of tourism in destinations.

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

  • Ability to develop value-based Leadership ability.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge and ability to identify and develop a new enterprise in tourism.
  • Ability to understand, analyse and communicate global, economical, legal and ethical aspects of tourism.
  • Build Human Values, professional code of conduct and an understanding of the responsibility to contribute to the community for sustainable development of society.

Our Vision

  • To impart focussed tourism education and training to the young aspiring students to
  • efficiently discharge their duties in the tourism and hospitality industry

Our Mission

  • To provide an affordable and distinctive learning experience in a caring environment. To deliver high quality content for achieving higher learning experience to the students.
  • To equip students with required skills for discharging tourism related jobs.