Alphonsa Arts & Science College

Green Club

Green club aims to create an environmental awareness amongst the future generation by performing activities like planting trees, practicing green initiatives and organising competitions based on the themes of various environmental issues. We promote the participation of students in green initiativesthat enhances the ability of students and youthto take up and organise activities to improve their immediate environment.

To raise community awareness and promote public support for issues related to environmental protection, natural conservation and sustainable development. The vision includes promotion of energy conservation,use of non-conventional energy sources and reduction of the negative environmental impacts.

The club’s mission is to realise the vision by applying our professional knowledge and drawing on internal experience. The formulation of policies and plans on environmental protection, natural conservation and the promotion of sustainable development are also included.

  • The Green Club has as its vision to create a personal commitment to protect and preserve the environment and to create awareness among the students. It aims to achieve unpolluted surroundings with the help of students and to inculcate environmental consciousness to save and preserve our earth.

Green Club Members


Assistant Professor of Commerce


Ms. Anusree CM

Assistant Professor of Commerce


Ms.Jitha C

HoD of Economics


Ms Anjali CK

HoD of English


Mr.Amal Benny

Assistant Professor of Malayalam