Alphonsa Arts & Science College

Parent Teacher Association

The main objective of PTA is to assist the Principal of the college to maintain general discipline in the college and to initiate welfare activities for the betterment of the student community. A core committee of PTA members is constituted to help the principal in maintaining disciplinary measures. The elected executive committee meets in every two months to discuss the academic and non academic matters related to the students. Normally the meeting of General body will be convened once or twice in a year and urgent meeting will be convened in exceptional and urgent situations.

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a statutorily constituted elected body which aims at the overall development of the college. Parental co-operation in creating a healthy campus atmosphere is of utmost importance. The PTA aspires for co- operation and participation of parents in full measure, in the wholesome activities of the college. An Executive Committee, comprising the Principal as Chairman, a parent representative as Vice President, a teacher elected as the Secretary and a parent elected as Joint Secretary. Another teacher will be the Treasurer. In addition there shall be not more than 4 parents and not more than 4 teachers will be the members of the PTA. The term of the PTA will be one academic year. A general body, consists of all the parents and teachers, meets occasionally and it gives paramount importance in ensuring a healthy and congenial academic atmosphere in the college.

Executive Committee

Dr. Anilkumar K



Sri.Salam P M

Parent representative

Vice President

Ms.Sangeetha T N

Assistant professor of English


Aparna M

Assistant Professor of Commerce


Mr.Roy K M

Member Parent

Ms.Geetha K V

Member Parent


Member Parent

Mr.Gokul das A

Member Parent

Mr.Shinoj K M


Ms.Dhanya P N


Ms.Nincy Sebastian


Aims and Objectives

  • To support students for their participation in intercollegiate cultural arts and sports meet
  • To promote the welfare of children in the college , home and in the community
  • To support the college through raising funds for the benefits of the students

Meeting of PTA core committee held on 21/08/2023