Sports Club are student organizations established to promote and develop individual interest in various sports and recreational activities. Sports Club may be instructional, recreational, or competitive in nature. Alphonsa's Sports Club are designed to promote growth in leadership, responsibility, decision making, public relations, organization and fiscal management, as well as specific sport-related skills. All Sports Club are student-run by an elected executive board.

Students in each Club are responsible for the internal organization and conduct of their Club activities. Therefore, the success and strength of the Sports Club program depends upon the initiative, motivation, and leadership of the officers and the involvement of Club members. The management and organization of a Sports Club is an educational experience providing many opportunities for student growth. Each Club Sport drafts their constitution and by-laws; conducts meetings; establishes dues to offset expenditures; plans fundraising projects; coordinates practices, competition and special events; publicize events; and collaborate with other members to develop a successful program. No Club may restrict its membership on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation or disability.

What is a Sports Club?

A Sports Club is defined as a recognized student organization, which exists to promote and develop interest in a particular sport or physical activity. A Club may be instructional, recreational or competitive, or may be involved in any combination of these elements. Sports Club are strictly voluntary. The hope is that involvement in a Sports Club enhances the students’ college experience and adds value to the students’ overall education.

Sports Club provide athletic opportunities through administration by the Campus Recreation Office as a student organization. Participation can be comprised of all co-ed, men, or women. There are three (3) levels of Sports Club:

  1. RECREATIONAL – Scheduled practice time for program instruction. Activity by group is for fun and relaxation.
  2. INSTRUCTIONAL – Scheduled practice time and program instruction as student interest warrants. Tournament opportunities could be available, though not necessarily required.  Skill level can range from beginner to advance.
  3. COMPETITIVE – Scheduled competitive meets with other Sports Club or sub-varsity programs with any institution, requires coach(s), establishes a regular practice schedule, and develops on-going fundraising activities through outside sources. Enhanced level of skill development, fundraising and administration.